New Bibliography Page

This is just a quick note to announce that I’ve added a new “Bibliogaphy” page to the site (accessible via the link at the top of the page). This page, like everything on this blog, is a work in progress. Ultimately, my goal is to have every work cited or reviewed on this blog linked to this Bibliography page, and from there linked to places where the work can be acquired (an e-book, in cases of public domain; an online bookstore or publisher website, otherwise). I’ve updated the last couple of “Bite-Sized Exegesis” posts to take advantage of the new page. The way it will work is I will use an abbreviated, parenthetical citation in blog posts that will be linked to the particular entry on the Bibliography page. Clicking on the link will open a new window, while hovering over the link should show the full bibliographical citation without loading a new page.

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