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Focusing on the Transcendent

When we keep our eyes focused on the immediate, we lose the perspective of eternity. However, if we will lift our eyes to the transcendent Jesus, everything, including the immediate, comes into proper perspective.



Review: A Basic Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

Jo Ann Hackett’s A Basic Introduction to Biblical Hebrew is an outstanding addition to the range of introductory Hebrew grammars. Clearly and concisely written, it approaches teaching Biblical Hebrew from an original (if, at times, idiosyncratic) angle, updating and improving traditional methods.



“It is No Longer I That Live, But Christ Lives in Me”

To put one’s faith in Christ necessarily involves a total reorientation of one’s life towards God and righteousness and not simply an adding of Christ to one’s previous way of life. The Law, rather than being a means of obtaining righteousness, had the goal of leading us to the end of ourselves in our pursuit of righteousness and to our single-minded focus on God’s grace in Christ as the means of righteousness.



Ask of Me and I Will Give You the Nations

Psalm 2 describes an idealized Israelite king as God’s Messiah. Jesus radically reinterpreted this idealization when he chose to exercise his Messianic authority through service, self-sacrifice, and trust in God. The Church, as co-heirs with Christ, now share in the Messianic privileges and responsibilities.



Sermon: When a Good Church Becomes a Great Church

The lesson from Colossians chapter 1 for us today is this: that a church’s health is directly proportionate to the degree to which it is singularly obsessed with knowing God and pleasing him. Are we “full” of the comprehension of God’s will?



Review: A Brief Guide to the Hebrew Bible

A Brief Guide to the Hebrew Bible introduces the reader to the literature of the Old Testament and the history of scholarship pertaining to it in an accessible and engaging way. While intended for undergraduate students, this book is useful for laypeople, pastors, non-specialist scholars, or graduate students in Old Testament who desire a quick overview of Old Testament literature and scholarship.



Daniel the Hero

Daniel is not a hero because he lived, but because he was obedient to God, neither giving in to the threat of death nor preserving himself by the methods of the enemy.



Bite-Sized Exegesis – Proverbs 10:26

As someone who used to employ people, one of the most soul-destroyingly irritating things is the lazy underling. But really, we are all in a sense God’s employees. So what kind of diligence is God looking for from us?



The Lesser Evil, or the Greater Good?

How do you make decisions when your alternatives all seem morally problematic? How do you choose between two options that are both bad but in different ways? Do you choose the lesser evil, or the greater good?



A Gospel of Reconciliation, Not Merely Justification

Paul’s gospel is not really one of justification, but of reconciliation. Humanity, because of its sin, exists in a state of rebellion and enmity with God. Despite our best efforts to improve ourselves we find we cannot. Because our problem is not just sinful behavior but really hatred and mistrust towards God, the solution for our problem is not just legal justification but reconciliation. God demonstrates his love for us despite our rebellion. We respond in loving faith and are empowered by the Holy Spirit to love and trust God, to no longer want to rebel.