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Review: Lumina (
Review: Lumina (

Lumina is’s Bible study platform and one of the primary access points for’s translation of the Bible, the NET Bible. With a clean design and a select group of useful features, Lumina is very easy to use but is capable of scaling with you as you grow in your ability to do in-depth Bible study.



Bite-Sized Exegesis – Proverbs 10:24

Fear of death is what drives the wickedness of the wicked, but there is no escape from it. Hope for God’s justice is what motivates the righteousness of the righteous, and it is inescapable.



How to Read Proverbs Effectively in English

If you do these things, reading either chapter-by-chapter or verse-by-verse, you will be on your way to a far more effective and enriching reading of the book of Proverbs than, I suspect, most people usually experience.



Bite-Sized Exegesis – Proverbs 10:23

Foolish and wise people do different things for fun: the fool thinks doing mean and destructive things is a joke, while the wise person actively delights in gaining wisdom.



“By the Works of the Law No Flesh Will Be Justified”

Paul’s augmented rebuke of Peter says: if you’re going to live by the law at all, you have to live by it in total. But to do so would be pointless, since even we Jews know that we are not justified before God by that law, but by faith, specifically the faith of Jesus. So there is no place, the implied argument goes, for tiers within Christ’s followers based on adherence to Jewish customs.



Bite-Sized Exegesis – Proverbs 10:21

What a righteous person says is food for the souls of all those around them, while a fool cannot even feed his own soul. Taken with Proverbs 10:20, a progression appear: a wicked person’s thoughts might be worthless, but a fool is completely thoughtless.



Why Study Biblical Hebrew?

While the Bible is perfectly accessible in translation, there are good reasons to learn the Bible’s original languages.



When Compromise Compromises the Gospel

In Paul’s understanding of the gospel, compromise on circumcision would not simply have been about unity. Rather it would have undercut the integrity of the entire gospel and of Christ’s work on the cross.



Bite-Sized Exegesis – Proverbs 10:22

Whether you fear God or not, your hard work is not guaranteed to provide for your needs, let alone make you wealthy. God, who honors hard work, causes it to rain on the just and the unjust alike. It is the fool who says, “God did not make me wealthy. I made myself wealthy through hard work.”



Keller’s answer to the question “What is good preaching?” is almost exclusively focused on the content of preaching rather than on its structure or rhetoric, and this, I think, is why I find this book so satisfying, stimulating, and challenging.