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Q&A: Are the Additions to Daniel Reliable?

Francisco asks: "Are the 'lost chapters' of Daniel reliable or not? Are they legit?" What are the 'lost chapters' of Daniel? While there is - predictably - a lot of hype from some people on the Internet about "lost chapters" of Daniel, there really isn't anything "lost" about them. There exist three additions to the…



Paul: Not A People Pleaser

If we want to be plain spoken and unconcerned with pleasing men in the Pauline sense, what that means for us is that we should be bold in proclaiming the good news that Jesus has died for our sins and has been raised from the dead for our salvation.



Biblical Hebrew 1 starts 9/8/16

If you are on the east side of Houston and you want to learn Biblical Hebrew, you're in luck! Click here for more details.



A devotional I wrote to go along with the Genesis 1 creation story. May be part of a book in development. “In the beginning, God made the heavens and the earth” - Gen. 1:1 From the very beginning, God has been the central actor in all of creation. Unlike creation stories from other ancient Near…



I'm working on an animated YouTube video on this subject. Here's a first draft of the script. I'm going to try to whittle this down to less than 500 words, since my goal is to make this video under 5 minutes long. Let me know what you think, or if you have any ideas how I…



Help BSE Get Going!

Bite-Sized Exegesis has a GoFundMe account! You'll see a link to it in right sidebars as well as in the footer area. We are asking for your help in getting started. Our startup capital goal is $8,000. This covers the costs associated with: developing and hosting this website printing workbooks, brochures, fliers, and business cards equipment…



Bite-Sized Exegesis will be holding our "Your Bible Study Tool Belt" workshop on Saturday morning, September 24, 2016, at 10:00 a.m. in the Pentecostals of Crosby's Fellowship Hall (502 Pine, Crosby, TX 77532, just off Hwy 90 at the Krenek exit). Contact Kerry at 281-571-9486 or at to book your spot!