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Review: is a free online Bible study environment. It comes with a good variety of Bible translations and resources, and it can be augmented with digital versions of books purchased from and The interface is functional if a bit clunky.

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Let Christmas Set the Tone for the Year

Unlike January 1, Advent and Christmas begins the year meaningfully and in the proper perspective: new beginnings are here not because you have decided that it is so or are going to make it so, but because God has decided that it is so and has sent Jesus to make all things new.

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“Good Will Toward Men”, Lectio Difficilior, and the Inspiration of Scripture

Luke 2:14 has well known variant readings (is “good will” nominative or genitive?), and despite scholarship preferring one over the other, the choice between these readings is not clear. How do variant readings and translations affect our understanding of the inspiration of the Bible? What if ambiguities weren’t something God intended to work around but something he intended to work within.

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Understanding Bible Translation Methods

Because virtually all Bible translations strategically use the word-for-word and thought-for-thought methods where necessary based upon a threshold of difficulty unique to that translation, we shouldn’t fall into the error of thinking that there are “word-for-word” translations over here and “thought-for-thought” translations over there, and one category is automatically better than the other. It just doesn’t work that way.