May Your Children Be Like Isaac: Reading Isaac on the Autistic Spectrum

Isaac’s behavior and characterization in Genesis has long struck commentators as odd for his passivity, repetitiveness, and imitativeness of his father Abraham. Interestingly, much of the peculiarity of Isaac’s behavior fits the profile of a high functioning autistic individual.

The Problem of Good

Inasmuch as non-Christians do good, they are working with Christians in doing the will of the Lord Jesus. Non-Christian goodness does not supplant or negate the lordship of Christ. It confirms and demonstrates it.

Q&A – Are the Nephilim the Basis for the Hercules Stories?

Are the Nephilim of Genesis 6 the Basis for the Greek Legends of Hercules? First, we have to examine this question and see if it is asking the right thing. Second, we need to consider what Genesis is trying to accomplish in chapter 6.

“The Promises of Genesis and the Modern Christian” – a sermon on Genesis 12:1-3

What is it that the people of God can and should expect as the benefit of being the people of God. This sermon seeks an answer to that question by examining the Promise passages from Genesis and grouping them into four categories: land, descendants, protection, and reputation.

“Now I Know” – a sermon on Genesis 22:1-14

I’m more and more convinced that a place of despair and uncertainty is precisely where our relationship with God grows the closest and strongest. And what’s more, the growth in that relationship is not simply one-directional, meaning it is not simply our faith in God that grows.