Sermons and Lessons

Let Christmas Set the Tone for the Year

Unlike January 1, Advent and Christmas begins the year meaningfully and in the proper perspective: new beginnings are here not because you have decided that it is so or are going to make it so, but because God has decided that it is so and has sent Jesus to make all things new.

Job, Old Testament, Sermons and Lessons

Wrestling With God in the Comments Section

God doesn’t need us to defend his integrity in the comments sections of the Internet. What he wants from us is that we be trusting enough in his goodness that we join with the world in wrestling with hard questions honestly and not piously ignoring them. Being a faithful witness for God isn’t about self-righteously dismissing doubters but about pointing to God in the midst of the doubts.

Exodus, Exodus 19, Isaiah, Isaiah 61, Old Testament, Sermons and Lessons

A Kingdom of Priests to the Nations

Christianity is the kingdom of priests God envisioned in Exodus 19. Its purpose is to mediate the blessings of God to the world. As we partake of the body and the blood of Christ in communion, we imitate the Aaronic priests’ consumption of portions of certain Israelite sacrifices. Communion strengthens and empowers us to bring the blessings of righteousness, peace, and joy to the nations of the world.