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Focusing on the Problem Spots

Part of teaching the Church to love Bible Study is teaching them how to read the Bible closely. In that spirit, this is something I wrote a few months ago for my church's blog: As I have been teaching Romans and Galatians on Sunday mornings these last several months, I have also had occasion to…

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BSE is coming to Humble!

Bite-Sized Exegesis will be presenting "Your Bible Study Tool Belt" at Family Christian Store in Humble, TX on October 8, 2016 from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. Yeah, it's early for a Saturday, but then you'll have the whole day in front of you to study the Bible! Click here for more information.

Common Questions, Daniel, Old Testament

Q&A: Are the Additions to Daniel Reliable?

Francisco asks: "Are the 'lost chapters' of Daniel reliable or not? Are they legit?" What are the 'lost chapters' of Daniel? While there is - predictably - a lot of hype from some people on the Internet about "lost chapters" of Daniel, there really isn't anything "lost" about them. There exist three additions to the…