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One of the most important ways Bite-Sized Exegesis can help equip your church or small group is through our workshops – sessions about 2 hours in length that each train the attendees in an element of effective and fulfilling Bible study. These workshops can be booked as single sessions or multi-session events over the course of weekend at your church or men’s/women’s retreat. Essentially, you get to have a professional Bible scholar with world class training and expertise come to you, show you academia’s best Bible study practices in an accessible way, and answer your questions, all with intent of teaching you to love Bible study.

Our Workshops

sherlock-outline“Going Deeper With Close Reading”

The foundation for effective and joyful Bible study is close, attentive reading. While this is something that some people do instinctively, most people need to be taught how. In fact, experience has shown that the number one reason people fail to connect with the richness of Bible study isn’t that they don’t have enough reference tools or because they don’t know enough history. It usually boils down to not knowing how to read a text carefully enough. But really, virtually everyone could benefit from learning a more systematic approach that includes a specific list of questions to ask of the text being studied. In this interactive workshop, attendees will see just this kind of approach in action and will get the chance to practice it in small groups.

head-scratching_512x512“So Many Translations!”

Never before in history have Christians had so many translations of the Bible into their own language as English-speaking Christians have today. And even though there are significantly fewer translations of the Bible into Spanish, Spanish-speaking Christians also have several to choose from. But what are we to do with this bounty? Many Christians, overwhelmed by the variety and confused or even frightened by misinformation, simply shrink away from this potential blessing and return to what they know and trust. But God has given this to us for a reason. This workshop reviews the history of the translation of the Bible into English, explains the different translation methods, clears up some common misconceptions, and demonstrates a way of studying that uses multiple translations simultaneously.


“Your Bible Study Tool Belt”

Anyone who has been through seminary will know that a concordance and a Bible dictionary are two of your best friends. But a lot of Christians in American churches don’t know how to use these and other reference tools – they may not even know these tools exist! This workshop introduces the attendees to the many different kinds of non-specialist reference resources that are readily available and shows them in detail how to use them, including:

  • Concordances
  • Bible dictionaries
  • Handbooks and commentaries of all shapes and sizes
  • Study Bibles and other specialty Bibles
  • Word study dictionaries and other original language helps
  • Online Bible study environments


woman-reading“The Power of Word Studies”

One of the most important kinds of in-depth Bible study at every level is the word study: an intense examination of a single word or related group of words. While specialist knowledge and training in original languages becomes more and more essential the deeper you go in word studies, the average reader can gain a tremendous wealth of biblical insight from word studies just using his or her English Bible and a few resources readily available to the public. This workshop will train the attendees in the best practices and limitations of word studies. Yes, there will be some linguistics involved, but fear not: these workshops are designed to be fun and accessible as well as informative!

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One of the most important ways BSE can help equip your church is through our workshops. Essentially, you get to have a professional Bible scholar come teach you and answer your questions.