Help BSE Get Going!

Bite-Sized Exegesis has a GoFundMe account! You’ll see a link to it in right sidebars as well as in the footer area. We are asking for your help in getting started. Our startup capital goal is $8,000. This covers the costs associated with:

  • developing and hosting this website
  • printing workbooks, brochures, fliers, and business cards
  • equipment for printing and binding workbooks
  • equipment for presentations (projector, screen, etc.)
  • 2 months living expenses

Why should this matter to you, especially if you don’t live in the Houston area? Biblical illiteracy is a crisis in the American Church. I feel that there are two big reasons that we’ve reached this point.

  1. American Christians, for various reasons, don’t find personal Bible study fun or enriching.
  2. There exists a chasm between the academy and Christians on the street that neither side seems to know how to bridge (and often enough neither side seems to care, either).

The result is a situation where we in the English speaking world have access to an astounding array of resources to aid us in our Bible study, but remarkably few Christians know what these are, where they can be found, or how to use them. This is the situation that God has called us to start rectifying by any and all means, and he has called us to Houston (at least at first). Houston is the 4th (and soon to be the 3rd) largest city in the United States. The Church in Houston has the chance to reach millions of people for Christ, but they need to be fully equipped and empowered by the Bible and by effective Bible study skills. By contributing to Bite-Sized Exegesis, you are becoming an important part of that equipping effort.

This is a worthy endeavor. Now more than ever, the Church needs to be equipped to do the work of the Kingdom and to be built up to the unity of faith through biblical literacy. Help us make Bible study fun and productive for Christians in the Houston area and beyond.

What do you think?